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How to Become a Mystery Shopper

Advanced Feedback has interesting work opportunities for mystery shoppers in nearly every segment of the economy, both private and public sectors.  We conduct onsite anonymous visits and scheduled inspections, both traditional written evaluations and using undercover video.  In addition to onsite evaluations, we provide a high volume of phone shops, online evaluations, and customer surveys.

The bulk of these assignments are posted on Shop Metrics, the shared platform seen on the Gigspot shopper app and MSJobBoard.  To apply for these assignments you will need to register as an independent evaluator, either directly with Advanced Feedback (on ShopMetrics) or by agreeing to our terms as a Gigspot shopper.  There is no cost to register as a mystery shopper and apply for jobs using either of these apps.

If you are passionate about making a difference in customer service, observant and attentive to detail, and write well, we invite you to complete our mystery shopper application.

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  • MobiAudit shopper app (ShopMetrics)
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What Shoppers Have To Say About Working With Advanced Feedback

“I loved doing the job, and hope to get a lot of opportunities for more in the future.”

Chad Y.

“Thank you so much. I could tell you guys were professionals right away. Thanks again for your kind words and quick responses!”

Molly E. S.

Shopper Resources

FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions about mystery shopping.

Sign-In Log into your Advanced Feedback account on ShopMetrics. If you do not yet have an account use the Apply link below.

Apply Enroll as a mystery shopper for Advanced Feedback on the ShopMetrics platform.

ShopMetrics Tutorial New shopper orientation guide to the ShopMetrics platform.

Gigspot Sign-In Log into your shopper account on Gigspot with access to all shops from multiple companies. If you do not have an account in Gigspot, use the Gigspot Apply link below. Note: You cannot have an account on both ShopMetrics and Gigspot using the same email address. If you are having issues, please refer to the Gigspot Troubleshooting section on our FAQ page.

Gigspot Apply Enroll as a Gigspot mystery shopper, managing one profile across multiple companies.

Video Shoppers Page More info about video shopping opportunities and requirements.

Video Jobs A summary of available Advanced Feedback video assignments (updated periodically).

Contact Us Please refer to our FAQ  page for answers to common questions. If you require additional information, you may email us at [email protected] or call (858) 566-8082.

ShopMetrics mobile app (MobiAudit)
Gigspot mobile app

Scam Warnings and Information

ATTENTION: Scammers are posing as Advanced Feedback and a fake mystery shopping companies called Business Evaluation Services, The Lead Ace, SkyLine and Underwatre Contractors. These are scams intended to obtain private information and get you to deposit their bad check. Do not reply to their emails, provide any identifying information or deposit any checks.

What to look out for and how to get help if you believe that someone is trying to scam you.

Mystery Shoppers across the country are receiving emails from scammers posing as real companies. They will then send you letters in the mail along with checks for large amounts of money. These emails and letters appear to be legitimate and often include real company logos and may even have links to real websites. The scammer attempts to send you a check in the mail and will make it seem official by providing a shipping tracking number. They send checks for large amounts and ask you deposit them and to keep a certain amount as your shopper pay. The rest of the money is to be used for such things as buy gift cards during your shop. They will ask you to either send the gift cards back to them, or take pictures of the back of the cards so that they can gain access to the numbers and pins. The problem is that the checks they send will bounce in a few days and you are stuck paying for the gift cards with your own money. For example you recieve a check for $3,000, the “agent” asks you to deposit the check and to keep $500 for your shopper pay. Then you are told you will need to go to a big name store and purchase $2,500 worth of gift cards. When you get home you provide a write up of your shop and send pictures of the cards with the film scratched off the back to expose the numbers. The next day the check you deposited bounces and you have just lost $2,500 from your account.

Postal Inspectors advise that if you receive any offer like this, that you DO NOT RESPOND! Instead, report the incident to Postal Inspectors online or call Postal Inspectors at 1-877-876-2455.

We have seen an increase in scammers attemtping to take your money this year. Believe us, we are just as upset as you, they clone our website, use or logo, pose as employees, tarnish reputations and attempt to hurt those we care about most, our shoppers!

If you are unsure if the offer you recieved is from Advanced Feedback,Inc. please contact us at [email protected]. We do not send emails from non “@advancedfeedback.com” email addresses, nor do we solicit shoppers via postal letters. We have all our shoppers register with Shop Metrics or Gigspot through our website, take certifications and we also pay with PayPal.

If you have believe that you have been approached by a fraudulent mystery shopping company we suggest you contact one or all of the following:
  • Your local police department. Ask for the Cyber Crimes department.
  • The FBI, visit this page FBI Complaints
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), visit FTC Contact or call 1-877-FTC-HELP
  • E-mail service provider of the person contacting you such as AOL, Google, Yahoo, etc., visit their ‘Contact Us’ page to file a complaint.
Here are some other clues that will help you to determine if the offer is a scam:
  • You are sent ‘money’ in the form of a check in advance of your performing a shop. These checks are not good and your bank will then look for you to make good on the deposit. Advanced Feedback, Inc. does not pay shoppers in advance of a shop.
  • You are asked to pay money to become a shopper. Legitimate mystery shopping firms never ask for money from a shopper.
  • The email address does not use a legitimate Advanced Feedback Inc. email name, which will always be in the form of [email protected]. If the person contacting you has an AOL or Gmail or similar non-corporate email address, it is not from a legitimate mystery shopping company.
  • The regular mail has a letter with a legitimate return address but the postmark is not from the same area, it is likely a scam. Almost all of our correspondence with shoppers will be by email.
  • If the caller has a foreign accent but his or her given name does not sound foreign, be suspicious. Many of these scams are undertaken by groups calling from foreign countries who mask their phone numbers to look as if they are calling from the U.S.
  • The offer includes a high payment amount for a relatively easy assignment. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • The offer does not require you to enroll as a mystery shopper with Advanced Feedback, Inc. We require all individuals who wish to mystery shop with us to enroll, take certifications and apply for shops.

Shopper Help Desk

If you are a registered shopper with Advanced Feedback, please contact the scheduler listed on your assignment with any questions about your shop. Payment terms are defined upon registration and shown in the messages on your home page. If you are not a registered shopper and require information about shopping for Advanced Feedback prior to registration you may email us at [email protected] or call (858) 566-8082.

Advanced Feedback has been the leading mystery shopping company in the United States, Canada and Mexico since 1991, with over 2 million shops of experience. We offer completely customized mystery shopping services that connect your vision of success to the complete satisfaction of your customers.


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