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About Advanced Feedback

From the early 90’s to today Advanced Feedback has been singularly focused on one goal – objective and accurate feedback to advance the service and sales of our clients. Hence our name, advanced feedback. While our services have expanded from customer surveys to a full range of mystery shopping evaluations, we keep focused on your success.

We measure success one detailed and honest inspection at a time, so you can measure success with positive customer reviews and improved profitability.


Who We Are

Founded in 1991 in San Diego California, a small group of customer service and sales specialists quickly became sought after by the nation’s largest automotive dealerships. By the late 90’s, Advanced Feedback added the benefits of objective mystery shopping and expanded into a host of industries supported by our growing staff of experts. With a reputation of offering the most customized and cost effective solutions, Advanced Feedback grew rapidly to nearly 15,000 mystery shops a month, nationwide.

Why Us

At Advanced Feedback, we believe our experience totaling over 2 million service and sales evaluations plus countless customer surveys says a lot. What says more? The testimonials and reputation among our loyal clients. We bend over backwards to continuously customize services to meet our client’s evolving needs. By doing this we’ve earned the respect and continued business from the most successful firms in their respective industries. Nothing speaks louder than 18 years of repeat business from leaders in automotive, hospitality, education, healthcare, car rentals, real estate and more!


Local care in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico


Full customization without spending a fortune


The most detailed evaluation reports available


Trusted business partnership and secure data handling


The latest technology delivering video, audio and reports at your speed


No long term service contracts required – we’ll earn your continued business


Properly vetted and trained evaluators, selected to represent your target market

Advanced Feedback

 “Wow, amazing work! I knew this was happening. Your sales don’t (plummet) overnight without something like this taking place. I could not be more pleased with having this peace of mind and it was worth every penny. I will definitely be using you again for my new store. Thank you for your efforts, I am very pleased with your work.”

Jennifer McDougald

Legacy Home Staging

“We got the report and my boss was very impressed so you can be sure we will use Advance Feedback again when we want to have another sales agent shopped.”

Vashti Smith

Executive Assistant, Rocky Gorge Development

 “We viewed the shops and they all were great! Thank you for getting those to me so quickly!”

Tiffany Atteberry

Dickey's BBQ Pit – R&R Restaurants LLC

“Thank you very much for completing these shops. They are going very well so far and we like how the reports have been completed. We would like to schedule more!”

Garret Neville

Area Leasing & Marketing Specialist , Dart Properties II, LLC

"Take part in this revolutionary customer service overhaul."

Let Advanced Feedback's expertise in mystery shopping, undercover video, phone shopping and customer surveys evaluate your frontline performance. Managing with an objective feedback system will change how customers see your business. No business is too small or too large. Request a quote today.

Advanced Feedback has been the leading mystery shopping company in the United States, Canada and Mexico since 1991, with over 2 million shops of experience. We offer completely customized mystery shopping services that connect your vision of success to the complete satisfaction of your customers.


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