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Your team at Advanced Feedback will work tirelessly to provide thorough, detailed and objective inspections per your specifications. We also demand the same of our field representatives, who represent our business and pose as your customers. Mystery shopping is a very labor intensive and detail oriented profession. Some seemingly simple evaluations require pages of instructions, complex what-if analysis, repeated practice, and pages of survey forms. Even with all of this preparation the results of some evaluations are more useful than others due to numerous factors starting with a fluid customer scenario and dynamic test environment.

A successful mystery shopping program involves a highly communicative and supportive effort between the client, your team at Advanced Feedback, and the ever-changing faces of our mystery shopping community. It also involves a commitment to see each report as only one sample in a long term program of surveys inline with your long term objectives – excellent customer service and high margin sales.

Just as you would not survey one customer and believe you have the whole picture, it is equally important to present your staff with numerous opportunities and scenarios. With this in mind we ask that you not lean too heavily on your staff, the mystery shopper, or our team based on the results of one report. We guarantee our work, but more important we believe our service will bring change and a positive and competitive culture to those that embrace the concept of self evaluation and continuous improvement.


We guarantee work to be completed with sufficient detail and accuracy to be useful. In case you have a problem with a report, please let us know within a week of receiving a report so that we can investigate and/or resolve any questions. This guarantee does not cover a case whereby the client simply does not like or agree with the information. In the event a survey is repeated per this performance guarantee, the client is still obligated to pay for the service fee and the agreed reimbursed expenses. In the event a survey is rejected per this performance guarantee, the client is still obligated to pay for the agreed reimbursed expenses.

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All purchased services are non-refundable.

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