Onsite Mystery Shopping Services

Identify product or personnel issues

                        while systemizing performance reviews

                        and keeping your staff on their toes. Our

                        highly experienced shoppers pose as your

                        customers and complete customized

                        surveys for each area of interest.

                        Comprehensive reports summarizing and

                        evaluating all aspects of the services

                        received, right at your fingertips.

Here's how you benefit:

-Determine if your facility is meeting customer needs and expectations

-Address compelling customer requirements instantly

-Target customer service initiatives to suit customer needs

-Understand customers' perception of your facility and practices

-Are your employees ethical and interested in customer needs?

-Motivate your sales team and drive them to produce results

-Evaluate your competition

-A real, authentic, customer point of view

-Stimulate friendly competition between your top performers

-Establish total awareness of your sales or business environment

-Inspection services that give you control and confidence.

What's included:

-Dedicated account manager

-Program setup and revisions; tailored exclusively to your needs

-Customized shopper questionnaire of employee performance

-A variety of real life shopper scenarios

-Survey of all departments

-Scheduling that fits your needs and your calendar

-Scheduling of random onsite shops

-Shopper first impressions and detailed observations

-Detailed audit of total customer experience

-Analysis and trend report

-Database of results and trend performance

-Multi-location comparison analysis

-Results, evalution, and consulting

-Regular program reviews

How Onsite Secret Shopper Programs Work

Advanced Feedback will provide your organization a secret shopper program for any industry and any situation. The service provided by Advanced Feedback will be customizable to meet your organization's current needs and may be revised any time in the future if those needs should change.

Your organization will be assigned to an account manager responsible for all aspects of the program including: script and survey development, shopper selection, training and scheduling, data analysis, and delivery.

Advanced Feedback will recruit target market shoppers with proven secret shopper experience, data capture, and communication skills. We will compensate secret shoppers for their time and travel to visit your organization, and also time to complete surveys and data entry. Your organization will be asked to establish reimbursed purchase limits for each shop/scenario if applicable. For telephone shops, Advanced Feedback uses highly trained in-house shoppers to represent prospective and returning customers to capture and record a wide range of actual caller scenarios.

Advanced Feedback will schedule shops randomly to cover any need or scenario you require. This service can also be utilized to shop your competition and gain valuable research data. Ever wonder how other businesses are doing it?

Each onsite evaluation will include the responses to agreed survey criteria and scoring, secret shopper comments of the employee interactions, property, general observations, and any supporting photographs and/or video recordings if applicable. All secret phone shops include a full audio recording including the number of rings and a report detailing the survey responses with scores, and any secret shopper comments. Phone evaluations include a coach's review and recommendations for effective sales and service communication. To the extent possible, onsite surveys will also attempt to capture and evaluate customer service and sales communication skills.

Once secret shopper reports have been reviewed by your account manager, they are distributed via e-mail; paper copies are also available upon request. Video secret shops will be distributed via a flash drive, or we can host streaming feeds of your videos on our secure and password protected website. If your restaurant chooses to stream the videos online (very convenient for meetings and showing other restaurant locations) we will provide a secure log-in and private page dedicated to your viewing purposes only.

Results of all onsite and phone shops are maintained in a secure database. Advanced Feedback provides management-level monthly reports to track performance and improvement.

Keep in mind that our services are completely customizable to your needs and the aforementioned can be changed to suit your interests at any time.

Let us show you how we create leaders.

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Latest News

November 2018

Another Scam Alert!

Zelle Evaluation is not Advanced Feedback Inc. Please be careful what you are filling out! Emails from Business Evaluation Services, The Lead Ace, Underwatre Contractors and Skyline are fraudulant. Please visit our shopper page to read more about how to spot a scammer and what you can do about it!

May 2018

Spring Update

Happy spring everyone! We've been quite busy here at Advanced Feedback scheduling and reviewing shops and adding many new clients. We couldn't do it without the help of our wonderful mystery shoppers. Thank you for all the help! A warm welcome to all of our new clients, JINS Eyewear, VBGB Beer Hall, South Beach Tanning, UFC Gym, Westcott Homes, True Homes, Market Force Information, Westminster Company, The Indigo Road, Field Museum, Innovative Staff Solutions, Oliver McMillan, La Maison du Chocolat, Crunch Fitness Canada, Born & Raised, Salon by JC and M&D Supply, Inc.

September 2017

Summer Update

Advanced Feedback had a busy summer scheduling and reviewing video shops from all corners of the country, Puerto Rico included. We are very grateful to the many traveling video shoppers that make these nationwide campaigns possible! Clients expanding services with Advanced Feedback include Crunch Franchise, Miele USA, Salons by JC, Rent-A-Center, M & D Supply and a wide variety of real estate development and sales firms.

May 2017

Spring Update

We hope everyone has a wonderful spring! This month we're welcoming 36th Stree Bistro in Boise, ID to our list of restaurant and retail onsite mystery shop evaluations. C.D. PEACOCK based in Chicago, IL has signed up for in store jewlery retail secret shopping. We are also pleased to welcome Beta Metric, La Jolla CA, Compass San Francisco CA, and Momark Development in Austin Texas who will be using our telephone, onsite and video real estate secret shopper programs. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

April 2017

Welcome New Clients!

Advanced Feedback is grateful to welcome new two new real estate clients. Hakes Brothers based in Las Cruces New Mexico and Texas will be utlizing our video mystery shopping service for their new home sales. HV Companies located in San Diego CA will be using our telephone mystery shopping services as well as our onsite secret shops. We are also very please to welcome Qdoba based in San Diego with resturant locations nationwide; joined to use our onsite mystery shopping evaluations for their service inspections.