Congratulations to the Glorietta Bay Inn for winning the California Hotel & Lodging Association's award for Best Guest Relations!

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Advanced Feedback in the Press

Advanced Feedback is Please to Announce the Addition of New Clients! 11/09/2012

Advanced Feedback is Pleased to Announce the Addition of Four New Clients

Marquis Hotel Group Expands Mystery Phone Shops with Advanced Feedback

Boutique Hotels Missing the Opportunity to Provide Personalized Services

Is Your Hotel Hurting, or Are You Hurting Your Hotel? - Small Tourist Area Sampling Returns Big Results

Secret Shopping Enters Brave New World

Ocean Park Hotels turns to Advanced Feedback for Mystery Phone Shops

Advanced Feedback Extends Mystery Shops To Canine Pals Too!

Beach House Renews Mystery Phone Shops with Advanced Feedback

Advanced Feedback takes Mystery Shopping to Canada

Advanced Feedback, Mystery Shopping in Mexico

Telephone Mystery Shoppers Find Hard Times Drive Hard Tactics

Advanced Feedback, Inc. Announces Launch of New Web site

Mystery Shoppers Knock on Healthcare's Door

Advanced Feedback, Inc. Announces Addition of Three New Clients

Twenty Percent of Hotel Guests Report Problems with Their Stay

Customer Service News

"...nearly half of U.S. consumers were driven away from retailers, banks and other businesses in the past year, by lousy customer service a new survey shows."
Companies Receive Poor Grades for Customer Service

"Nearly 6 out of 10 interviewees had switched at least one service provider in the last year because of poor service."
Customer Service Watch

Hotels are on the upswing and airlines are going bankrupt - could it be due to the customer experience?
Different Views of Customer Service | The Airline “Passenger Experience” vs the Hotel "Guest Experience" | By Larry Mundy

"...no or very limited examples of practices which focused on treating their customers fairly throughout the advice process."
Firms Still Need to Improve TcF Practices

"Customer service, if it is done right, should not restrict you to a particular channel, but should be a variable menu of options."
Multi-Channel Customer Service

"The longer you make people wait, the more likely it is that people requiring simple answers drop off."
IT Customer Service

"Once upon a time, unhappy customers has little leverage against big companies and their poor customer-service procedures."
Tech-savvy customers vent consumer frustration

"By providing thorough call center customer service training, you will also have higher employee retention."
The Benefits of Customer Service Training

"Increasingly affluent and well-traveled guests expect pampering, and hotels are eager to satisfy"
When Only the Best Will Do

"Hotel guests who report having a problem with a hotel staff member are 43 percentage points less likely to return to that hotel than guests who did not experience a problem."
Problems with Hotel Staff Lead to Reduced Loyalty of Guests

Mystery Shopping

"Of course the training itself is only the kick-off and first step in helping your voice agents maximize both conversation and average revenue per booking. To reinforce the training, be sure to measure the results. One way to measure the results is to use a mystery shopping program."
Saavy Hoteliers Still Make Voice Channels A Priority

"Every business wants customer satisfaction. This offers a tool to assess those goals"
Looking at businesses from a consumer view

"It's a powerful management tool and the information provided, really, it's invaluable,"
Mystery Shopping Trend On The Rise

"Consider hiring a secret shopper to provide feedback on ways to improve customer service. "
News Release Wyoming Business Tips

"It's a real benefit to business owners as they can see where they're doing great and maybe where they're doing not so great..."
Secret Shopper Could Visit You

"Mayor Kim Driscoll said. "It's a great way for us to get feedback to improve the delivery of services."
Secret Volunteers To Rate City Service

"...Medicare...started a "secret shopper" program to monitor sales pitches."
Senate Finance Committee Hearing Addresses Medicare Advant

"Mystery shoppers allow clients to assess services and that of their competitors..."

Shop Floor Spies

"Secret shoppers visited six of the city’s hotels in recent months and found customer service needs to be improved, especially when it comes to phone inquiries..."
Sleuths Find 6 Toledo Hotels Are Lacking In ‘Attitude’

"In the highly competitive service industry, these reports can be a vital tool for weeding out bad employees, rewarding good ones, and measuring customer service."
Spies Among Us

"..."secret shopper" program using an independent organization to anonymously monitor the compliance of Medicare Advantage independent sales agents..."
The 50 Best Running Shop Stores in America

"...mystery shopping of more than 120 stores, and input from leading running vendors."
WellCare Strengthens Compliance Practices to Protect Medic

"Healthcare facilities that use mystery shoppers say that the reports have led to a number of changes in customer experiences."
Health care taps 'mystery shoppers'

"Practice presents opportunity to sharpen skills."
Mystery Shoppers Keep Employees on Their Toes

"...mystery shopping gives insights into ways to improve patient interaction, identifies problems in service, and increases customer loyalty..."
Mystery Shoppers Knock on Healthcare's Door

"The department of education expects to roll out its version of mystery shopper program when school begins in July..."
'Mystery shoppers' to check schools

"Physician offices and hospitals are hiring services that send employees posing as patients to the facilities to help evaluate patient service performance."
Patient Service: Hospitals Hire 'Mystery Shoppers' For Evaluations

"Restaurant owners say a review from a professional critic can have an immediate if not lasting effect on business traffic"

The Double Agent at Table 14

"Grangetto believes that having educated employees is essential for the company's success. In fact, he has initiated a 'secret shopper' program that allows employees to be constructively critiqued and praised."
Grangetto's Planting Seeds of Knowledge

"The purpose behind the concept of Mystery Shopping is to allow businesses to gain improved customer insight into how the customer service related functions of their business are performing, and utilize the information gathered as a part of their performance management and service improvement initiatives"

Wikipedia - Mystery Shopping

"More than 750 American companies, from hotels and pet stores, cruise lines and gas stations -- even the U.S. Postal Service -- use 'mystery shoppers' to evaluate how they are doing."
Mystery Shoppers Work Other Side of Retail Counters

Customer Follow Up

"Auto loan dealerships and finance companies desiring to increase market share will have to increase their online sales departments by at least 50% in order to handle the growing demands of online consumers."
Auto Dealerships Must Play Online in order to Maintain Existing Market Share

"... [it] costs six times more to sell something to a new customer than to an existing customer..."
Follow up or fall on your face

Online Feedback

"Comment cards are invaluable, read religiously and here to stay, but internet postings carry a punch they don't: they are public."
Hotel online reviews put operators to test

Employee Satisfaction

"We all want engaged employees working for us and serving our guests"
Developing Engaged Employees

Web site Video Streaming

"When reviewing web site statistics, it is frequently pages featuring streaming video that are the most 'sticky' and have the longest viewing times by site visitors."
Creating Value with Streaming Video Content

"Add to the mix blogging and other content development applications, and small businesses have strong marketing and self-promotion possibilities..."
Video Makes Mark in Online Mix

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