Now Hiring Video Shoppers

To meet the demands of Advanced Feedback’s expanding role as a leading video mystery shopping provider along with our traditional mystery shopping services and dominant position with phone shops, we are seeking intelligent and hard working individuals to join our team.

To be considered for video mystery shopping assignments we expect you to have proven yourself first as a professional traditional mystery shopper. You must be passionate about making a difference in customer service, observant, attentive to detail and write well. To be an effective video shopper you will need to complete video training; practice and perfect the use of your body worn equipment to deliver steady unobstructed and properly framed customer experiences; demonstrate technical competence with video and audio file management and online transfer; and provide consistent intelligent role playing so as not to influence your target's natural tendencies and typical performance.

If you think you have what it takes to be a professional Advanced Feedback Video Specialist, follow the steps below:

Available Video Shopping Assignments

Open Video Jobs     As video shops become available they will be listed on our video shop spreadsheet by state to assist planning your routes. Most projects are scheduled in Shop Metrics MobiAudit or Gigspot app) but not all, so please check the video shop spreadsheet often.

Email notifications     Please note that many video assignments, especially multiple shop routes, are fullfilled by the responses we receive off our video shop spreadsheet or email, and awarded to our registered and experienced video shoppers.   For this reason it is important to make sure you have completed the Video Shopper Profile (Step 2.) and watch for emails from and - you may need to adjust your email spam filter.   You should also follow our Facebook video page to be notified of new video shops and routes.

Finding Jobs in Shop Metrics     Once you are logged into Shop Metrics and viewing your home page, click the Open Opportunites link in the left hand margin.   To view jobs outside your immediate area you must click "The postal code and distance below are set according to your profile.   Click here to reset and show all opportunities.", just above your inbox.   The subsequent view will allow you to filter by shop type such as video.  See this navigational guide for more instructions. Shop Metrics jobs are also listed on the MS Job Board and in Gigspot.

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