-2011 National Boutique Hotel Phone Shop Survey Report

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Advanced Feedback will make an unrecorded call (English speaking only) to your property using the exact survey that was used in the national study. We will then email you the results within 1-2 business days. Please select from the drop down below if you want a recording of the call.  By requesting a recording you agree to the recording disclaimer below.

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Boutique Hotel Survey Report 2011
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Recording Disclaimer
Consistent with the rules and regulations concerning the privacy of telephone communications, Advanced Feedback Inc. requires your employees’ consent prior to the recording of our telephone surveys. By executing this service agreement, you have represented to Advanced Feedback that all of your employees, subject to the phone-shop surveys, have been fully informed and agreed to such recording. In addition, you will fully indemnify and hold harmless Advanced Feedback from any and all legal claims and any other such claims that may arise from this engagement.