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Your Shop History, Payment, and PayPal

Finding Jobs Opportunities

Mobil apps GigSpot and MobiAudit

GigSpot Troubleshooting

ShopMetrics Technical Tips

Phone Shop Recording

Video Shopping vs Traditional

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Shop "Due" Date versus Report Date

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Your Shop History, Payment, and PayPal:

Completed shops are paid out within 60 days of your survey date (date of visit or phone shop).

Payments are delivered through PayPal. Please be sure that your PayPal email address in GigSpot or ShopMetrics is up to date to avoid any delay in payments. If you must receive a check by mail, please notify your scheduler. Note that there is a check delivery fee that will be deducted from your payment total.

ShopMetrics generates a pay statement document that logs your completed shop history. While this is useful for your personal records of shop dates and fees, it does not reflect Advanced Feedback’s payment cycle or processed payments.

IMPORTANT: If your survey is declined because it fails to meet our minimum quality standards (as stated in the survey, the shop instructions, as well as the shopper agreement) this will result in non-payment for that shop, including any reimbursements. Failure to complete the survey and/or requested edits within the deadline specified may also result in forfeiture of payment/reimbursement.

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Finding Jobs Opportunities:

There are multiple ways to locate job opportunities, listed below.

1. Video Shoppers: You can refer to our assignment maps, located here: Video Job Page. There are usually five or more maps spanning the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We update them regularly so they often reflect the most up to date assignments that we have available.

2. ShopMetrics Users: whether you are using MobiAudit or a browser to log into ShopMetrics, users can filter by postal code, state, and/or city in Open Opportunities and search by distance from home. ShopMetrics users can also find our jobs on the MSJobBoard,

3. GigSpot Users: GigSpot users see available assignments for all companies subscribed to the app, Advanced Feedback included. However, visibility of open opportunities is limited to your local area or by filtering by known postal codes. If you are a video shopper using GigSpot refer to our assignment maps on the Video Job Page so you know what postal codes contain jobs you might want to apply for.

4. We send out mass emails at the beginning of every quarter and whenever we post new assignments - these emails usually contain a list of all the open assignments for a client or all the new assignments recently posted. Be sure to have your security settings toggled so that you can receive emails from us, otherwise the system will automatically remove you from the email list.

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Mobil apps GigSpot and MobiAudit:


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GigSpot Troubleshooting:

Gigspot is a 3rd party app developed to give shoppers a single sign-in and access to many companies on the ShopMetrics platform. An alternative shopper app with full feature functionality in ShopMetrics is MobiAudit. With MobiAudit you will need an account and sign-in with each company. You cannot use the same email address with both GigSpot and MobiAudit/ShopMetrics.

If you are experiencing technical issues with GigSpot we recommend you contact the Gigspot help desk for assistance. Rebecca's email address shown below.

Gigspot will need to know what type device and/browser you are using as the resolution of most issues comes down to whether or not you are using the GigSpot website or the GigSpot app. Each device and system operates differently, so they will usually need to know both to try and pinpoint what is happening.

Some general things you can do to troubleshoot login, access, and visibility issues are provided here.

First, make sure you are logging out, actually clicking the log out button, each time you are finished in GigSpot. Do not just closing the tab on your browser or the app. When you do not log out, temporary internet files are saved that cause confusion as to which file should be used.

If you are using the GigSpot website, clear the cache in your browser. If possible use Chrome. While GigSpot is compatible with other browsers, in general the operation of Chrome is more up to date. GigSpot finds this especially true with any device that uses the iOS operating system.

If you are using the GigSpot app, make sure you do not have other apps open.

If for some reason your GigSpot password becomes unsynced (maybe too many failed log ins, or an attempt to log into the MSP’s site directly), try to resync following these instructions:

1. Log into GigSpot on the website and go to My Account (small circle in the top right corner), then go to Change Password (you are not actually changing your password).

2. Enter your current password into each comment box for: Old Password, New password and Verify New Password, then click the “Save” bar at the bottom of the screen.

3. Log out and clear your Internet browser's cache. You should be able to log back into GigSpot.

GigSpot Support: Rebecca,

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ShopMetrics Technical Tips:


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Phone Shop Recording:

Upon approval of a shop with a required recorded phone call you will have access to the full survey and calling/recording feature. Please use the click-to-call feature to make your recorded phone shop. DO NOT dial the location directly unless you are certain you have the correct target telephone number and the capability to record your call and upload it to the form.

If you are a GigSpot user, you must use the click-to-call feature on a computer as the mobile version of GigSpot does not support this feature. Click-to-call is fully functional using MobiAudit, the Shop Metrics app.

The recorded calling process will be initiated when you click the "Call Now" button. You will find this button in the instructions table above the survey. This will ring the phone number you select from your database profile (Shop Metrics or Gigspot). Answer your phone and enter the PIN code provided when you clicked CALL NOW. Once you do this, the system will connect you to the target/destination number.

Complete the phone shop as a real prospective customer. Hang up upon completion and your call recording will appear after a minute or so at the bottom of the survey. You must make three (3) attempts to reach an associate. Failed attempts such as reaching voicemail, busy signals, no answer, wrong person if targeted, being asked to call back, etc. will also be recorded and should be kept with the survey showing the history of call attempts. If you are unable to connect with an associate, try again in 30 minutes. We recommend you begin completing the survey while waiting for the recording to appear. Begin by accurately entering the local time and date of the call in the appropriate phone shop section of your survey. If the survey is for the phone shop only, the date and time is entered at the top of the form.

You can refresh your browser to speed the delivery of your recording. We highly recommend you save your survey entries often to avoid losing any reporting due to Internet or server interruptions.

NOTE: Caller ID blocking is currently turned off so it is possible the target will see your caller ID. This is usually not an issue as cell numbers vary beyond area codes, but be prepared with a cover story if you are not calling from the region. We suggest that you program the number being called into your phone so that you can recognize a callback and answer with your alias if necessary.

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Video Shopping vs Traditional:

Before you apply for an assignment please note whether or not there are instructions that require video. Video shops are different than traditional mystery shopping (written reports) and require you to own or lease body-worn undercover video shopping equipment.

Do not apply for a shop labeled as a video shop if you are not a video shopper.

If you are interested in becoming a video shopper refer to the following Video Shopper Resources.

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Video Shopping Resources:

For equipment purchase or leasing the industry relies on Greyhawk Video Solutions, found here

For workshops, training and video conferenes go to Video Shopper Pros, found here

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You will be required to complete certifications based on the type of shop you are applying for. Some may require a phone shopper certification, while others may require video certification. Make sure to complete and submit all requested certifications when you apply; otherwise, you will not be considered for the shop.

Completing all general certifications successfully increases your chance of selection. Please do not complete a brand specific certification unless you are applying for those specific shops.

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Shop "Due" Date versus Report Date:


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Submitting Shops:

Once you have completed the form in it's entirety, click the Check Complete button at the bottom of the survey to initiate a scan for missing entries. A dialog box will ask whether you want to make the changes now or save. How the form identifies missing entries varies depending on the browser and app you are using. Carefully scroll the entire length of the survey to find the cursor placement or fields outlined in red.**

Once all entries are verified and complete, click the Save Survey button at the bottom of the survey. You will be redirected to your home page/inbox. If you are not redirected to your home page, your report may not have been saved, so you should not close your browser. Try to return to your data entries and repeat the check and save process.

At the home page, a green check mark will appear next to your completed shop and the submit button will become active. If you do not have a green check mark, something is incomplete and you will not be able to submit the survey. Please re-open the survey and confirm the date, time and required fields (questions and images) and that all comments meet their constraints. Repeat the process above (Check Complete, Save Survey and Submit).

**A common problem that will prevent submission is a survey date (the date at the top of the form) that is not within the past 5 days. If this is the case, your report is too old for submission and will not be accepted. If your scheduler has agreed to review an old shop, you will need to enter a recent date and notify your scheduler of the correct date.

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