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Advanced Feedback, Inc. is a San Diego based mystery shopping company. We have over seventeen years and 1.5+ million shops of experience. We specialize in mystery shopping for various clients such as rental car companies, automotive dealerships, education, financial, and hospitality. We are also capable to cater to other industries.

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personal support and improving your business.

San Diego Business Journal
Family Owned Business
Emerging Business Award


Zachary Hooker Zachary Hooker
Direct Line: 858.566.9050
E-Mail: zhooker@advancedfeedback.com
kurt adam Kurt Adams
Direct Line: 858.566.8024
E-Mail: kadams@advancedfeedback.com
Senior Accounts Manager
Andrea Salazar Andrea Salazar
Direct Line: 858.566.0524
E-Mail: andrea@advancedfeedback.com
Director of Operations
Geoff Gladu Geoff Gladu
Direct Line: 858.566.0589
E-Mail: geoff@advancedfeedback.com
Account Manager & Systems Development
Linda Tran Linda Tran
Direct Line: 858.566.8082
E-Mail: linda@advancedfeedback.com
Account Administrator
Michella Dresselhuys Michella Dresselhuys
Direct Line: 858.566.9340
E-Mail: michella@advancedfeedback.com
Account Administrator
coleen cahill Coleen Cahill
Direct Line: 858.566.1287
E-Mail: ccahill@advancedfeedback.com
Reporting and Analysis


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Our Team
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6920 Miramar Rd, Suite 103, San Diego, CA 92121— Telephone 800.261.4445 — Fax 858.566.9114

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